Deadpool 2 : even more “what the fuck”!

Heeellooo my Movievaures ! Here I am again with a new review on the latest and most expected movie of May: Deadpool 2!

I have always been suspicious of people who take themselves too seriously, so you can honestly say that I am absolutely not suspicious of Ryan Reynolds. From the beginning to the end, he will have shown us that he was born to embody this character.

But then, following the success of the first film, is this second movie up to fan’s expectations?

Well , let me tell you: I absolutely loved it!

I started laughing from the moment the movie began and never stopped since. If you don’t know anything about Deadpool, well, first of all where have you been since 2016? And second thing, you definitely need to watch both movies if you love some black and heavy humour that leaves no second of rest to your stomach that is writhing with laughter.


I will tell nothing about the story in itself, as I believe is not the most important thing in this movie. What I found amazing in Deadpool 2 it is the power of self-deprecation and not just of the main character, but of all the other characters and I will even say the universe of super heroes. References are made repeatedly on other franchises (X-MEN, Wolverine …) and even in the generic producers make fun of themselves, of the sponsors, ect … Everything is taken in the second degree and is all this flexibility and casualness that we like so much. Nobody takes themselves seriously, but we still get attached to the characters and find them credible when the situation arises.


And  what is quite impressive with Deadpool and specially in this second movie, is that you can totally believe that is going to be “to much” of everything and that you’ll get bored or even feel uncomfortable while watching it, but it never happens. There are of course quite a few hardcore scenes and childish jokes, but they do not represent the totality of this film. On several occasions I found myself laughing like crazy thanks to hacks on references of pop culture, political and social news, etc …


In short, I think this second film honored it’s predecessor. I have never thought “oh the first was better”, as is often the case when the second film is released. Self-deprecation, action, and even the story line make this film a moment of pleasure and relaxation, which is ultimately the goal. Not to mention the fact that all the marketing and advertising work done for the release of this film was remarkable. We started laughing even before seeing the movie: it’s a success.  Of course, this film is not intended for people hating action, superheroes or any form of “commercial” movies. And obviously, this is not a movie for children (I hope everyone will have learned his lesson at the release of the first film)! 

We are at the end of this article. I hope you enjoyed (or wil enjoy) seeing this movie as much as I did! See you next time for a new article on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! XOXO my Movievaures


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