The Rain, Netflix latest TV show

Hi My Movievaures ! Hope you had a great week.

Here I am again with a new article on Netflix’s latest TV show: The Rain.

Netflix invests a lot lately in foreign series: La Casa de Papel, Dark, 3% … So I was very curious to watch this new show.  It’s not so much the theme that has attracted me, but rather the Danish environment and the relationship between a lost and lonely brother and sister.

Despite a story not very orginal (virus, chaos, inhumanity), this series had in my eyes great potential, but only if it managed to overcome the usual clichés of human survival.

So, success or disappointment? Well I can truly say: neither of both.


I didn’t expect it to be THE Tv show of the year, but I was expecting something a little bit more dark and complex than the story it tells. Something a little bit more like Dark.

The story starts right away, so if you’re afraid of getting bored, don’t. In fact, I don’t think you will ever be while watching, there’s quite a good rythm and the storyline is not that bad. The main issue here is that there is really nothing very special with this show.


When you think they’re going to take a different path than other apocalypse shows, they they fall in the same usual scenarios. A pity. But the thing that I found the most dissapointing is the fact that the relationships between the characters is really too superficial to really understand their reactions, their links. You think they will try to create meaningful relationships in a world where only that and survival really matter, but no: they’re superficial and you really don’t get why they choose to stay together.


In short: is not an awful show, but it could totally be better. You’re not going to be bored if you watch it, and you’re going to geit into the story but you will not see yourself watching it twice.

Here’s the end of my article, my Movievaures. I hope you liked this new short format. See you soon for a new review on… Deadpool 2!

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