Avengers, Infinity war: a total shock (no spoilers)

Hi my Movievaures! I apologize for my abscence this last few weeks, but I’m coming back with a review on the most anticipated movie of the year: Avengers, Infinity war.

In only a few days, The Avengers already exploded the box office, and there is a reason why: it’s clearly one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen.

Continue to read if you’re interested to know why this movie was amazing and it’s definitely worth paying 12 pounds for the movie theater.

  • A perfect distribution of the story between the characters

When I saw the first trailer of the film, I thought that the major risk was that it became confusing because of the plurality of important characters and their number. How, in a few minutes, the directors would manage to bring in as much storyline and distribute the time equally between the characters? With Captain America, Civil War, it started to become a little bit complicated to fit everyone in a whole movie, without creating superficial relationships and a wobbly story.


Guess what? They manage to do it perfectly. The main reason is because they choose to separate our favorite superheroes into different groups. This not only helped to build a faboulous scenario, but led to a more comprehensive story for spectators. We clearly had the time to understand each character’s motive and reaction when faced to Thanos. Also, some new relationships were introduced to us in a such a smooth way that it felt like every brick of each character’s story fit perfectly with one another.


  • Breathtaking and spectacular scenes 

I think this point will not surprise you. Indeed, we expect a movie like Avangers to have incredible action scenes and special effects to cut the blast. You know what? You will not be disappointed! Over battles even more impressive than in the other films, Infinty war knows how to enliven us by the plurality of the landscapes and this constant balance between destruction, chaos and life that we can find in the colors, the light, the worlds.


The fights are all the more incredible as we face multiple characters with totally different fighting styles. Battles, big or small, become a perfectly synchronized choreography. Each character brings an additional advantage against enemies. Between the brutality of Hulk and Thor, the agility of Spiderman and Black Widow, the intelligence of Iron Man and Doctor Strange, the persistence of Captain America and Black Panther … the result is simply spectacular. It’s the perfect mix of all hero and anti-hero superpowers.


  • A bold move

On this point I will not say too much. I promised not to spoil you and I will not do it. All I can tell you is that you will be completely surprised and dazzled by the events. This film is unlike any other superhero movie, and not only because it’s the most impressive encounter of well-known and appreciated characters, but because the Russo brothers have done everything to break some rules, so far unbreakable .


Fans of comics will be delighted by the easter eggs left here and there, allusions to previous stories, repeated jokes without ever being heavy. But above all, what is really appreciable and untouchable at the time is that the outcome of this story that will take place with Avengers 4, is not obvious. And for once the end of a movie Marvel will surprise you (and not only with the last scene of the credits).

In short, as soon as you have the opportunity to see the latest Avengers, go for it! Although I think the majority of you will have enjoyed every moment of it. 


Here is the end of my last article. Feel free to tell me what you thought about it and especially to tell me your comments if you have already seen the film. See you in a few days for a new article on The Movievaures!

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