Tomb Raider: the return!

Alicia Vikander is now Lara Croft. It was difficult for me to let go THE symbol, the interpret of this mythical character: Angelina Jolie. But while watching the different trailers and also interviews of Alicia, it became easier to picture her as the new and young Lara, becaming such a badass woman.

Clearly, I was quite happy knowing that they were going to bring back to life this character and portray it in a different way.

The result? Not that bad, but not great. And here are the reasons why I have shared feelings about this new Lara Croft Movie:

  • 1 hour and 58 minutes, not enough time to take advantage of an interesting story 

At the end of the movie, I felt exactly the same as when I finished watching Assasin’s Creed (with Michael Fassbender). The story on which the movie is based on is just great, but it is never the same to play a game for hours and hours, and discovering the extroardinary path of your character, than watch it all condensed in almost 2 hours.


With Tomb Raider, they tried to make us understand Lara’s (questionable) decisions by showing us some glimpses of her past life. But it was clearly not enough, as sometimes some of her actions were not totally in agreement with the Lara we started to get to know at the beginning of the movie. I really do not think that it was because of the actors, but mostly because they tried to explain a complex character in a very simple way: a yound girl, who lost her father and blames him for abandoning her so she refuses to become the woman everyone expects her to be.


But we clearly do not get how she could still be so intelligent, reckless, with combat abilities above the norm. And no, showing us two or three scenes where we can see that she trains a little bit in archery, and that she was once rich at 12, really does not explain all that. I learned Italian when I was 11, and I’m crealy not fluent now.

  • Special effects very far from being convincing 

When I saw the first trailer in theatres, I was amazed. I really thought my mind would be blow away by incredible fighting, jumping and surviving scenes. Once again, I was quite disappointed with the result. Is not that the scenes were not good. I really think the actors made an incredible work by doing the stunts and all that, but sometimes CGI was really not great.


There were a lot of times when you could see that the environment was not real and it felt more like a video game than a movie. Of course it was based on a video game, but the expectations are not the same for a movie. We really want to feel lile everything is true when you’re looking at the screen, even when we know that it isn’t.


I know is not an easy thing to do, but when I saw the videos of everyone’s training (mostly Alicia Vikander) behind the scenes, I thought that it was such a shame that those kind of capacities where not highlighted in the right way on the movie. If I see that quality on the screen, I would at least, prefer to have a joystick in my hands to control the character.

In short, the new Tomb Raider is not a very bad movie, but it could have been better, much better. I know there are always so many expectations with this kind of films, but I really believe the scenario could have been so much more interesting and illustrative if the story had not been sloppy to, in addition, show us approximate action scenes. I clearly enjoyed listening to Alicia Vikander’s interviews about her personal training to do these scenes, rather than seeing them. I simply hope that if the story continues, they will honor the character and also the excellent actress that is Alicia.


This is the end of my (very late) review on Tomb Raider. Feel free to let me know your opinion on this movie and if you agree with me (or not). In the meantime, you can visit my blog and read the other reviews if you’re looking for a movie to watch. See you soon !

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