Gomorra: Mafia, Italy, suspense

Yes, I know what you’re thinking:  why do I write an article about another TV show while there are plenty of movies to see and they also deserve their place in the Movievaures ?

Well, because, Gomorra is not your tipical kind of show and now that the third season has ended, it deserves to be highlighted by its originality, its fascinating characters, and its veracity.

So here’s my new TV Show review about Gomorra ! Hope you like it!

  • A direct dive into the real world of the Italian mafia

We all imagine the Italian Mafia as a big and loyal family, driven by money, but with important values and respect for their partners.  That is far from reality. Well, is not like I’m a part of the Mafia, but when you hear stories about murders, kidnapings and shoot-outs between groups of a same city, is hard to belive that they’re all like Al Pacino’s character in The Godfather.


With Gomorra, with enter a world of selfish bastards, whose only motivation is themselves and their success. They kill, they torture and they betray every single one of theirs friends and family.  But there is a whole plot, well built on the possession of the territories, the peace between the neighborhoods that holds a thread and especially the complexity of the relationship between the kings of drugs in Naples.


It’s not just only a sadistic TV show, you really need to appreciate power games, shenanigans, all the manipulation between the characters. Life is not easy and Gomorra will explain it to you, that’s for sure. The shocking images of Neapolitan neighborhoods destroyed by corruption and poverty are a strong evidence that to get by, one must either leave, or become one of them. Ironic.

  • Abhorrent acts, human characters 

Since the beginning you get to know this characters with which one links a rather complex link: between hatred and love. The story is made in such a way in order to introduce us into the life of big and small gangsters who are trying to survive in an environment, more than hostile. Their decisions, sometimes seem aberrational and illogical. But we realize very quickly that in their world, the law of the strongest tithe and that our own logic will never work.


The Immortal, or his real name Ciro, is one of the most intriguing and percussive characters in the series. His glory, as strong as his fall, leave us perplexed because at the beginning, it would have been impossible to imagine him getting where he is in the third season. His nickname already says a lot about him, because in Gomorra, death is only a matter of time.


The Savastano family also deserves respect. From the father, to the mother and the son, one has the impression that they have the fury in the blood, the power in the head and the mafia in their heart. Never have I seen so few families in a series that I can hate, but at the same time admire their union.

With Gomorra you will return to the ruthless world of mafia where only acts have meaning, and the words disappear with the wind. A forgetfulness, a crooked word and an enemy will be ready for anything to murder. It is a series that shows the realism of an almost surreal world. The only complaint that can be made to him is to generate admiration for characters not honorable, but unfortunately existing in society. You have 3 seasons to get to know all this characters and to be seduced by the mafia world. scampia.jpgHere is the end of my article about Gomorra! I hope you enjoy it and that it will make you want to watch foreign series, which can be just as good as American or English! See you soon for a next review on the Movievaures!


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