American Gods: a TV show, like WHAT THE F***!

Hello My Movievaures! I hope you missed me… I apologize for this long period of time without any article on my blog, but it has been a very busy couple of days.

Anyways, today I’m going to talk about a TV show that I didn’t want to watch this year, even though I only heard good reviews about it: American Gods. Every time I watched a trailer or a short video about it, I was like “what am I looking at?”.

With a wide range of Tv shows to watch I didn’t want to choose one that would make me feel uncomfortable. But you know what? Uncomfortable is sometimes really good!

Here’s my new review about one the best TV shows of 2017!

  • What is happening?

I think that is the first question that pops up when you’re watching American Gods. Everything begins in a “normal” kind of way:  we follow Shadow Moon as he is living his last days in prison, which is something really good because he is going to finally enjoy freedom and meet again with his beautiful wife.  So as I said, there’s nothing supernatural or weird at the beginning of the storyline. Well, except for his name “Shadow” and one or two dreams that are very strange, but, anyways, we believe we’re seeing dreams. Nothing prepares you for what’s going to happen next!


Don’t get me wrong, the scenario is very well constructed. It’s not like Shadow discovers everything directly in the first episode. His journey until the truth will last all season. But what is really great about this show is the fact that you feel and react the same way Shadow does. You don’t really understand what your experiencing, you don’t know if it’s true or if it’s just the characters’ imagination. Everything feels strange, but in a really weird and good way.

  • A sensational experience

I don’t want to give you too many details, that will ruin your experience while watching this TV show. The only thing you really need to know is that American Gods, is not your tipical friday night kind of show. You’re going to see unexplicable things on your screen, really weird scenes between characters… Basically, you will start questionniong yourself if what you’re seeing is only a way Bryan Fuller and Michael Green (the creators of the show) found to mess with your mind, or if it’s possible that the characters you’re getting attached to, are real and actual GODS.


And that’s all the mystery here. Are they all crazy? Are they gods? Are they taking any drugs? Because it feels like the creators, producers and actors where under drugs while working. You are clearly navigating in unknown lands and you will be surprised by the range of colors, images and new sensations that you will see through this series. I find it particularly interesting because you follow a group of key characters, but you also learn a lot about stories of ancient beliefs, ancient gods and in a very entertaining way. But also in a very modern and refreshing way. The characters are also incredible: you hate them, but you admire them. They’re sometimes horrible people, but you sympathize with them. It is to wonder if we do not become a little bipolar while watching American Gods.


Basically, for me this is one of the most original series of 2017. I took a lot of pleasure watching it and I find that there is a real work that has been done in the story, in the characters and in the images that the creators wished to show us. It is sometimes quite disconcerting, but I think it breaks clearly with most “successful” series that are based on a rather banal story and characters empty of personality.

Here is the end of my new TV show review about American Gods. I hope you liked it, and feel free to give me your opinion about this show!

See you next time in The Movievaures! Lots of pocorns 😉 !


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