Justice League: an expected disappointment

Hello My Movievaures and Happy New Year! I hope the beginning of this new year has been as exciting and incredible as you thought it would be.

Instead of focusing on the newest movies and TV shows of the year, I finally decided to see Justice League.  I know, I know, it was released on November, so for sure, you’re asking yourself, why on earth I waited so long to see it.

Well there’s a simple answer to that: because I was too influenced by the critics. And you know what, I decided to say f*** to that and to make my own opinion about it.


So, what did I think about JL?

Unfortunately, I wasn’t amazed about this new DC movie. I didn’t hate as much as other people around me did, but I think that is quite sad that after the incredible movie about Wonder Woman, Warner Bros was not able to produce a movie up to our expectations.

It’s not a torture to see it, I assure you. For all those who, like me, have not seen it because of the critics, I can tell you that is totally tolerable. The whole thing is not to expect a revolution if we compare it to Batman VS Superman.

Because here is the whole problem with Justice League. With all the publicity around and the success of the last DC it was believed that this universe would finally be able to surpass the Marvel one. Unfortunately, that was not the case.


The rhythm is still particular. It feels like if you’re looking at scenes from a comic: everything does not follow logically and sometimes we have the impression that they cut important scenes between two actions.

The battles, which despite characters with incredible gifts, did not leave me completely stupefied. They have not surpassed their potential, while it is not the means that have failed.

Another aspect a bit of a shame is the fact that the background of our characters is barely explained. Superman and Wonder Woman had a movie that explained everything to us and with The Dark Knight Trilogy, the story of Batman is not unknown to us. But what about Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman. We hardly understand their past and they are approached so quickly as to tell us that they do not matter.


Finally, my biggest problem in Justice League are the dialogues. Seriously, except the Flash that sometimes made me laugh, the rest of the time we have exchanges between characters who are on the edge of the grotesque. It’s a shame because we are in front of characters with a deep and interesting story, but apart from explaining the script to make it clear for the viewers or make bad jokes, there is no other exchange.

Basically, Justice League was not one of the best blockbuster of the year. Despite incredible potential and fans who still believe in the apotheosis of the comics’ world in movies, DC continues to disappoint us. Yes, Wonder Woman has been an international success, but then, how can we explain this drop in terms of quality and scenario in JL? There is no problem enjoying a few scenes from the movie and to change your mind with it, but let’s say it does not do justice to the world of superheroes.

That’s the end of my Justice League article. I’m not used to making such negative reviews on a movie, but I had to be honest with you. It is sometimes a shame to see that some movies, with huge potential, are not as incredible as expected. I do not lose, however, hope! I believe in you DC Universe.


See you soon in The Movievaures.

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