The advent calendar: cinema version (Part 1)

Christmas.. a time of joy, sharing, gifts, but also, and most importantly, a moment of the year when we can bury ourselves underneath our blankets to watch the best Christmas movies.

Between novelties and classics, sometimes we do not know what to watch. How to organize ourselves with so many stories under the snow?

I’d like to show you my little advente calendar movie version, until the D-day finally arrives, starting today !

  • Day 1: Edward Scissorhands

I admit, for many years I was terrified by Edward’s vision and his scissor-shaped hands. I thought it was a scary movie, until one day I was forced to watch it. And then… I discovered a character totally endearing and moving. A man with a repulsive appearance, but with a big heart.


Christmas is also a period of love, which can sometimes break prejudices. As naive as it sounds, I think this classic in Tim Burton’s filmography is a great way to start our advent calendar.

  • Day 2: Gremlins

I know what you think. You must say that I confused Halloween and Christmas. Well, no! The Gremlins, these totally adorable little creatures that turn into gooey and evil monsters, are an integral part of my Christmas tradition. And why not?


What better than to laugh at seeing all the nonsense that is made by these stupid little monsters. You understand, under the snow, I always come back to my classics.

  • Day 3: ELF

There we go straight down to the heart of the matter. For those who do not know it, this film is about a child who was accidentally transported to the North Pole. Down there, there was no choice but to raise him among the elves of Santa Claus.


It’s a very touching comedy, surrounded by all this magic of Christmas: gifts, snow, Santa Claus (the real one) … In short, nothing better to cheer up the sad days of winter.

  • Day 4: How the Grinch stole christmas (cartoon version)

One of my favorite movies when I was little and even today! The Grinch … But here I’m not talking about the movie with “humans” of the 2000s. No! I am referring to the true, truthful, cartoon Grinch of 1966.


He never goes out of fashion and I do not stop to appreciate this far-fetched world, filled with nonsense in which the Grinch lives: the first villain of our childhood. A villain, not so terrible finally .. In short, it is added to the list of great Christmas classics.

  • Day 5: Love Actually

Can we talk about Christmas movies without talking about Love Actually? Although I’m not a fan of romantic comedies, we’re talking here about one of the movies that inspired many love stories and that brings together mythical scenes of cinema.


So come and find out some of your romantic side and get inspired to maybe kiss someone under the mistletoe. A little cliché and gofy stuff, never killed anyone and especially not during this period of the year.


  • Day 6: Frozen

“Let it go, let it go”… Okay, I admit this song is really too catchy, a bit exasperating sometimes, but we can not ignore one of Disney’s most iconic movies in recent years.


We have a lot of ingredients here for a good afternoon in this festive period: snow, endearing characters, a story carried by brotherly love and disney songs … Add to that some biscuits and hot chocolate, and that’s it!

  • Day 7: Miracle on 34th street (1994)

We all dreamed of a miracle, especially when we are in this period where everything seems possible sometimes. Do not wait, put under your sheets, turn on your TV (or your computer of course) and be ready for 1h50 minutes of pure magic.


Or not …. You’ll be in the place of a little girl, who has stopped believing in Santa Claus until the day she meets him in real life. But she has to prove that he is real. Believe me, at the end of the movie, you will not know what’s real, what it’s not.

That’s the end of my first part of the advent calendar movie version. I hope these 7 films will make the wait more bearable during this week before Santa finally arrives.

Good week to all of you my Movievaures!


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