Actresses & Actors: Tom Hardy, or the new cinema chamaeleon

Hi My movivaures! I hope you had a great week. While waiting to see the latest releases of the week (like JUSTICE LEAGUE people), I wanted to talk to you about an actor that I appreciate enormously and whose acting surprises me more and more each time : Tom Hardy.

We know him for his serious and mysterious roles, but Tom Hardy is more than just a beautiful face and a hellish accent. He is an actor who is part of this short list of people who can play EVERYTHING, and I mean everything.

So get ready, for a new series of Actors and Actresses, in the company this time of the impressing Tom (or Tommy H as I like to call him).

  • One face, but multiples lives

Tom Hardy is that kind of actor that we see everywhere, that we recognize in several films, but who plays his characters so well that we always dissociate from his real personality. You know, a bit like Gary Oldman; whether he’s playing a nice cop or an intergalactic villain, we can not help but think how good this actor is. To be honest with you, the first time I saw The Dark Knight, I did not even realize who was playing Bane. I only saw the character, in all its complexity, his past and his violence.


That is the magic of Tom Hardy and his acting. He obviously brings traits of his own personality, as most actors do, but disseminates them in a more “elegant” way if I can say, in his characters. Maybe he was inspired by his darker past, to play in Bronson (the most violent British prisoner) or to play in Legend (the gangster twins). But this actor is a whole: he can play the most violent or the sweetest person. An enemy of blood or the hero of a beautiful story. He is able to play in an imaginary world (let’s not forget the famous Mad Max Fury Road) or in a terrible reality as in Dunkirk,  Christopher Nolan’s last masterpiece (you can find my review here). In short, he is able to create with his one body and his only mind, a multitude of characters.

I’m a professional liar. I know when you’re telling me a porky. You know why? Because I’ve spent 30-something years lying professionally.” (Interview with Vanity Fair)

  • An insider in Hollywood, yes; An outsider, even more

There are certain actors who give us the impression of being made for celebrity. Always elegant, always a deep speech to the key, always well photographed. Then there are others who do not care about that. Where do you think Tom Hardy is? We could almost say, in neither of them. Hardy is a chameleon. Not only in his role as an actor, but also in his place within Hollywood. While countless gossip revolves around the fact that he would be “difficult to live with on set”, a lot of producers and directors want to work with him. It is the same for the general public.


He is not this typical actor, who gives the impression of living the perfect life, with the perfect woman and the perfect job. He is sincere about his past, as well as about his present, without ever giving too much detail about his private life. He is able to appear on a photo shoot, where he is extremely attractive and elegant, then the next day out in tongues and tell you to go f**** yourself. He gives the impression that he did not integrate the codes of the celebrity, but at the same time he is so good in public. It is perhaps this paradox that intrigues and makes us want to know more about him.

I don’t think I ever expected to be welcomed to one of those events,” he says. “I always felt like a bit of a naughty boy, and I always thought part of me would be like, ‘Nah’. And then actually I was like, ‘Oh yeah! I’ll have a sniff of that.'” (Interview with Esquire about The Oscars)

Tom Hardy is thus one of the best known actors, for his capacity of adaptation, his obscure roles and his direct but funny personality. He has fomented much of the cinema for fifteen years, but also the small screen. We can now find him in the new season of Peaky Blinders, and soon in the skin of Venom in the spin-off of spider man.

And it’s over for this second series of Actors and Actresses. I hope you enjoyed this new issue.

I’ll meet you in a few days for a new review on The Movievaures! Good week everyone, with lots of popcorn and movies



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