Stranger Things 2 : an enjoyable déjà-vu (SPOILERS)

Hello My Movievaures ! How was your week without my weekly article on my blog? Well mine was awful because I couldn’t write about STRANGER THINGS before this week. Too many projects and work stopped me from watching the entire season on one weekend (poor me).

But now that I finished it, I’m ready to talk to you about one of the most anticipated seasons of the year!

So take your plaid, some tea (or coffee if you’re an addicted as I’m) and your pop-corn with hot marshmallows and get ready for some SPOILERS! (Yes, here winter has arrived)

  • A reunion that is a warm to the heart

I was so happy to find Will with his gang, play and make nonsense as the teenagers they’re, and also seeing him with his mother and brother who suffered a lot from his disappearance on season 1. It seemed for a moment that everything was going well for everyone, as if at last they were going to be able to get past the horrors of the past. But if that had been the case, we would not have had season 2, right? Well, we can all thank the upside-down for being a total d*** with them. While we thought that everything would be fine, a terrible shadow of horror and terror hung over Hawkins. Will is not fully back from the upside down, something is preventing him from moving forward. And while his familly/friends/doctors think that this is only post-traumatic stress, we quickly discover that it is a monster even more terrifying than the Demogorgon who haunts him.


In this new season, we find quite a lot of things of the first one: the adorable naivety of Will’s friends to save him, his mother’s scary stress (played incredibly well by Winona Ryder), the mystery that rode around the little town, and …. (spoiler) … Eleven. Yes she’s back again with her killer eyes , her 80’s look and her badass powers. This time, she speaks a little more, which changes from cries and monosyllabic phrases, but she returns even stronger and endearing than before. It is obvious that the creators of the series did not take a lot of risks for this new season. It is no longer as innovative as the first, always keeping the elements that work: cool children, the psychedelic world of the 80’s and a supernatural world filled with monsters. We do not have any big surprises, or really mysterious elements (except maybe the past life of Eleven), but contrary to what some people say, I find that we keep a pleasure watching the episodes. Moreover, saying that there is nothing new is to give no credence to the Duffer brothers, who have pushed history further than before.


  • All that is new: the cherry on the cake

Can you have seen this new season and sincerely say that there is nothing new? I do not think so. And if so, what do you do with new characters like Max and his brother? Or the new band of supposed friends that Eleven meets during her adventures? Or even the kind doctor who sacrifices his life? I think most critics are confusing the lack of novelty with their own disappointment at not feeling the same as they did during the first episode of this show. But is this really possible? The power of TV shows, over the surprises and the upheaval is also based on the fact that the spectators are attached to the characters and their stories.This second season served as a stepping stone for me and as a base for a certain sequel. A future in which these characters will not only be part of a banal series that we looked at a few months ago, but girls and boys that we always want to invite home, the time of an evening lighting our screens. I admit, I was not as shocked, upset, and addicted to this new season as the last, but I highly appreciated it.


We knew more about Eleven’s past. The story of his poor mother who sacrificed everything to save her. The fact that she is not unique either, and that other children have also served as an experiment. I also loved the relationship that was created between her and the sheriff. This father-daughter relationship, which Hopper had lost on the death of his daughter. Then the arrival of Max in the life of the 4 boys, who changed many things between them, but also made them grow and ripen. Also the fact that we really found Will, he is with his friends, but we also perceive the complicated relationship they have with him: between love and misunderstanding. And how to talk about this new season without talking about Steve, and his radical change in the series? From the popular guy and a little obnoxious in the first season (even if he helped Nancy and his friends) he became this nice guy, ready to sacrifice himself for the boys and to override his broken heart (by Nancy obviously) to help them. It has become a real badass. I could also talk about the new relationship between Nancy and Jonathan, but seriously, who has not seen it coming?


In short, no this season is not a breakthrough innovation, but still keeps all its appeal. New characters have appeared, allowing us to better understand the old ones. I still had a great time seeing friends come together to beat evil, parents sacrificing everything for their children, and all in a simple yet effective setting that is the little Hawkins Town. I hope this is not the end for our group of friends. But well, thanks to the  last scene of episode 9, I think their story is far from over …


Here is the end of my TV Show review, my Movievaures! I hope you enjoyed this new season as much as I did. If this is the case, or not, feel free to let me know in the comments or by liking the article.

With that, I wish you a great week, with lots of movies and popcorns!

PS: If you want more fun with Stranger Things, I advise you to go see the Looper video on youtube about fan theories. We never get enough !


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