Blade Runner 2049

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Movievaures!

I took a few days off from my job, to relax and be far away from screens, but I couldn’t help myself. The call of cinema was stronger than ever: I went to see Blade Runner 2049.

And seriously guys, if Star Wars 8 wasn’t going to be released this year I would totally say that this movie is the BEST of the year. Between the storyline, the poetic themes, the incredible actors and the oustanding scenes, 2 hours and 44 minutes were not enough to fill my addiction to this new / old fantasy.

But stop talking and let’s go deep into the reasons I think, made this movie an incredible masterpiece.

  • Deep themes approached with elegance and violence 

This movie is absolutely not a questioning of humanity, but rather a proof that we’re progressively losing ours.  We can see so many elements of this in the story, and of course in the first movie of 1982: slavery, lack of relationships, the search for an existence through technology… Even, replicants who’re supposed to be “less than humans” show more humanity than everyone else. They’ve been mistreated and persecuted, but they still have a reason to beleive, to dream … Miracles.  This is perhaps something that is increasingly lacking in our societies. We can see this “non-humanity” in characters like Niander Wallace played by Jared Leto, more consumed by the desire to become god than anything else.


Between all the question about what defines humanity, up to the importance of individual sacrifice for the greater good and general welfare, Blade Runner 2049 is the current exposition of questions that are sometimes philosophical, sometimes present-day, and they deserve to be highlighted in such an epic way. Denis Villeneuve, managed to amaze us with such a futuristic world, but at the same time he is warning us against the drifts of such a future. With the advent of artificial intelligence and technological advances, are we truly morally prepared for this future? This is the question…


  • Futuristic landscapes with tunes of paintings, and a breathtaking sound work

In addition to addressing complex themes, this film takes us through landscapes that are as dark as they are poetic. We found ourselves in a new kind of world, a future not so far ahead that I kind of admire but at the same time I wish I’ll never experience. Sure, we can see a lot of technological advances, 3D advertisements, flying cars, but all this in a world corrupted by overpopulation, pollution and human vices. It is almost paradoxical to see the world of progress and decay cohabit, but here it is done with such mastery of the image, the lights and the shots that we can only accept it as a reality.


An image that remains in my mind is when our new Blade Runner leaves the crowded city to go into the abandoned desert. We pass from a place where our senses are totally attacked, by light, sounds, noise to a place almost peaceful and warm. The play of light here is impressive, between blue-gray to orange sunset. Another important aspect here is the sound game. There is a constant variation between serious and stressful sounds and sounds much more high-pitched, equally impacting. All this, makes this film a visual and artistic pleasure, in addition to a well-constructed scenario and a passionate story


  • Selected actors to sublimate their characters

This film brings together a panoply of internationally known actors: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto…But also leaves its chance to many actors, who though are not unknown in the middle, they are not used to the headlines. Two of the roles that surprised me the most, by their sincerity and incredible acting, are those of Joi and Luv, interpreted by Ana de Armas and Sylvia Hoeks. Though totally opposed, these two female roles bring an important value to the story and the symbolism of it. Two non humans characters, each one driven by love and loyalty. Joi is the ray of sunshine in the life of K: despite the virtuality of her person, she brings warmth and joy (hence the play on words) to his life. Luv is a complex character: she is as fragile as she is powerful. She only lives for Niander Wallace, to satisfy his ambitions. She is ready to kill, to have the impression of existing in the eyes of her creator. In my opinion, the two actresses have fully grasped their roles and their places in this universe. They show humanity where it should not normally be found.


If we go back to the main character, Agent K, we realize how important it was to choose an actor who would be able to integrate the full extent of his character’s story: a replicant who is not revolted by his fate, but , despite everything, he will be the trigger of a profound story that will shake the world. We’ve already seen Ryan Gosling in dark characters, in movies like Drive.Here, it exceeds expectations because he performs a spectrum of emotions, a character nuanced between hardness and naivety. Harrison Ford continues to embody all the world of injustice and ambiguity represented in the movie. He is THE Blade Runner. But since his last mission, he took very different path from what he was supposed to undertake. We find a Rick Deckard gnawed by years of flight, secrets and alcohol. A man bruised by the forced separation from a loved one; a being not totally human. I was moved by his performance and extremely pleased to find him again, in the shoes of Rick. The last actor who surprised me by his fair interpretation is Jared Letto. Finally, we see very little of him, but only a few scenes are enough to build a character who gives chills. Without being extremely cruel or with a violent rage, Jared Letto shows us a Niander Wallace totally detached and insensitive. A man who only wants to reach his goal, and all the sacrificed around him, are nothing but unimportant waste. It is a character that leaves us to reflect on the drifts of a society always driven to individualism.


And here ends my review of this film who has made a lot of hustle and bustle around him. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to comment about your opinion on the film, whether it is positive or negative.

See you next week for another review on The Movievaures. Lots of popcorns and movies! 


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