Whats on TV for October 2017? Part 1

Hello Everyone ! Did you miss me?

Yes I assume you’re surprised and thinking “why is she writing in English”? Well, as you know I love writing about movies and TV series and very soon I’m going to move out to the United States. This made me realize that I really want to continue this blog there and so I told myself, why not write my articles in English?

I really hope this change of language will not bothered you, specially knowing that is not my mother tongue. You can tell me your opinion down below in the comments.

Well, today I am going to talk about new seasons coming up this month on TV and that we can’t wait to bingwatch ! Since my arrival in Spain, I was no able to see all the new movies that are already on theatres in France. So, in order to calm down my addiction to fiction I started watching a lot of TV series, and I can’t stop. This month I’ll need more than 24 hours to watch everything I want (rich problems).

 So this week I’m going to write about 4 TV shows that I really like and that are coming to your screens really soon!

  • Riverdale (October 11 season 2)


We left our favorite teenagers in a really dark situation. Even though the Jason Blossom story has been solved, everything is mystery in Riverdale. Archie Andrews , the only character that has been protected from really dark problems, is facing one of the hardest situations of all : a gun on his head, his father lying on blood, all in his favorite diner where he lived better times.

This second season seems much more serious and focus on the characters and their relationships. In season one Betty and Jughead started dating and their couple was incredibly united, facing a lot of obstacles (their respective parents, Betty’s sister, the Jason Blossoms mystery..). Archie and Veronica, the new couple of the final episodes , show a more complex love affair, very sensual and with a lot of sexual tension between them. Maybe, this new season will put those characters in a really difficult situations forcing them to show a much darker aspect of their personnalities. We have already seen it with Betty and her other herself, but I hope there will be more of this scenes where we really discover something more profound and broken of their lifes.

Something is sure, now that we know that Riverdale is not a pretty little town as we thought, everything is possible for our different characters. With the arrival of Veronica’s father, Juckhead’s fight to free his father, Betty revealing more secrets of her family and Cheryl burning down her own home, their creepy adventure is just starting.


  • Supernatural (October 12 season 13)


“Carry on my wayward son, There’ll be peace when you are done”!

There is not such thing as “too much supernatural”! It was renewed for a thirteenth season and we’re al really glad to see out favorite brothers fight evil with guns, salt and iron. The last season left us with our mouths wide open: Crowley stabbed himself to seal the rift and trap Lucifer once and for all. But moments later Lucifer also stabbed Castiel in the back, leaving Sam and Dean alone and horrified. Lucifer is finally trapped, but for how long?

The question here is, will Castiel and Crowley come back in this new season? Well, we know that a Supernatural speciality is to litteraly take back characters from death. However, Mark Sheppard (Crowley) made it clear that he will not come back on a post on instagram. But, what about Castiel? Well Misha Collins seems to be coming back in this new season. How? We still don’t know, but I really hope it will be different from the others “comes backs” we had in lasts seasons.  Don’t get me wrong, I really love Supernatural and the story line, but they need to rethink these “coming back from the death” thing. If Castiel is coming back, I hope the aftermath will be more complex and difficult to fight.

We have seen the impossible happening all the time on the lifes of Sam and Dean. From monsters, to demons, angels and even the apocalypse, there is nothing they can’t kill. Together they seem unstoppable, even if there is a lot of tension (not sexual this time) between those two. Maybe this season will change our characters strenght and transforms more likely their strange, but incredible relationship. But most of all, we can see Dean praying God in one of the trailers of this new season. Could he be that desperate? We will soon find out!


I hope you’d like this new article about what’s new on TV for this month. Next week, I’m going to write about two other TV shows that are coming back this October on your screen: The Walking Dead and Stranger Things.  Feel free to comment down below to tell me if you like these article about TV shows. In the meantime, I wish you an excellent week and lots of cinema and popcorns evenings! 

See you next week. 

The Movievaures


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